Inclusive mathematics education based on digital learning

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The aim of the project is to design and implement new methods for mathematics learning that are effective and valid also in distance learning contexts.

The need for innovative teaching methodologies is particularly felt in mathematics teaching. As a consequence of the covid19 pandemic, many students (including students with an excellent level in other disciplines and an interest in mathematics) have accumulated serious gaps which, if not filled, could have repercussions throughout their university studies.

The project pays special attention to students with special needs, in particular students with disabilities. For such students, distance or hybrid teaching is particularly difficult. The project therefore aims to provide equal opportunities for success to both students without disabilities and students with disabilities.

The outcomes of our project include a better understanding of learning processes, with particular attention to students with disabilities, the design of new teaching methodologies, the production of teaching materials (which are available online in open format), the formation of university lecturers and the improvment of their teaching skills related to online and distance learning for student with and without disabilities.

The website hosting the results of the project will be maintained after the end of the project.

Ttraining courses for teachers and three interntional conferences for widespreading the results of the project will be organized.

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