Leone Slavich

      Ricercatore in Geometria

      Dipartimento di Matematica
      Università di Pavia

                Dipartimento di Matematica "F. Casorati"
                Università di Pavia
                Via Ferrata 5
                27100 Pavia
  Studio C23
  Email: leone.slavich [at] gmail.com, leone.slavich [at] unipv.it

Didattica (Teaching)

Research interests

Papers and preprints

  1. Subspace stabilisers in hyperbolic lattices (with M. Belolipetski, N. Bogachev and A. Kolpakov).
  2. Cusps of hyperbolic 4-manifolds and rational homology spheres (with L. Ferrari and A. Kolpakov).
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 123 636-648 (2021). (arXiv)
  3. Convex plumbings in closed hyperbolic 4-manifolds (with B. Martelli and S. Riolo)
    Geom. Dedicata 212 (2020) 243-259. (arXiv)
  4. Embedding non-arithmetic hyperbolic manifolds (with A. Kolpakov and S. Riolo)
    Mathematical Research Letters. Vol. 29, No. 1 (2022), 247-274 (arXiv)
  5. Compact hyperbolic manifolds without spin structures (with B. Martelli and S. Riolo)
    Geometry & Topology 24, Issue 5 (2020) 2647-2674 (arXiv),
  6. New hyperbolic 4-manifolds of low volume (with S. Riolo)
    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 19-5, (2019), 2653-2676. (arXiv)
  7. Embedding arithmetic hyperbolic manifolds (with A. Kolpakov and A. W. Reid)
    Mathematical Research Letters 25 (2018), 1305-1328. (arXiv)
  8. The complement of the figure-eight knot geometrically bounds
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 145, no. 3 (2017), 1275-1285. (arXiv)
  9. Hyperbolic 4-manifolds, colorings and mutations (with A. Kolpakov)
    Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society 113, no. 2 (2016), 163-184. (arXiv)
  10. Symmetries of hyperbolic 4-manifolds (with A. Kolpakov)
    International Mathematics Research Notices Volume 2016, Issue 9 (2016), 2677-2716. (arXiv)
  11. Some hyperbolic 4-manifolds with low volume and number of cusps
    Topology and its Applications 191, (2015), 1-9. (arXiv)
  12. A geometrically bounding hyperbolic link complement
    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 15-2, (2015), 1175-1197. (arXiv)

Mathematics and Music

Some time ago I was a visiting student at Ircam in Paris, where I studied some of the mathematical ideas underlying music theory and composition. If you are curious and you know italian, here you can find the thesis that I wrote there.

Here you will find a link to my CV with some more info on myself.

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