Prof. Matteo Negri

Università degli Studi di Pavia

Dipartimento di Matematica

Via Ferrata 1 - 27100 Pavia - Italy

Ufficio E21

email matteo {dot} negri [at] unipv {dot} it
email prof {dot} matteo {dot} negri [at] universitadipavia {dot} it

Corsi a.a. 2022/23

Ricevimento studenti: su appuntamento.

Anni accademici precedenti. "In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubts"  [B. Russel]


Data: Google Scholar - ResearchGate "Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations."  [P. Rand]

Recent Publications

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A couple of numerical result

Segmentation of a noisy image (a detail from "La dama dell'ermellino" by L. Da Vinci) using Mumford-Shah functional.

original imagesegmentation

Craquelure patterns in pottery (simulations of local qualitative features developed in FreeFem++)