Presentations and Authors

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Epistemological foundations

Epistemological dynamics in scientific domains and their influence in knowledge organization Abstract
María J. Lopez-Huertas, María José López-Pérez,

Pragmatical foundations

Metadata improvement for image information retrieval Abstract
Klaus Lepsky, Thomas Müller, Jens Wille

Specific KOS structures

New models from old tools: leveraging an understanding of information tasks and subject domain to support enhanced discovery and access to folktales Abstract
Carol Lynn Tilley, Kathryn Anne La Barre
Facets, search and discovery in next generation catalogs: informing the future by revisiting past understanding Abstract
Kathryn Anne La Barre
Using semantic components to represent and search domain-specific documents: an evaluation of indexing accuracy and consistency Abstract
Marianne Lykke, Susan L. Price, Lois M.L. Delcambre
Locally added homegrown metadata semantics: issues and implications Abstract
Jung-ran Park, Yuji Tosaka, Caimei Lu
Advantages of SKOS for providing semantic stability to to the information resources: an example of use in a collaborative institutional web portal. Abstract
Francisco Javier Martinez, Juan Antonio Pastor, Rosana López Carreño
Semantic approach to bioethics in the Ethicsweb project: building a semantic architecture for a European documentation system Abstract
Corrado Di Benedetto, Luisa Leone, Maurella Della Seta