Presentations and Authors

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Ontological foundations

Entities and quiddities: about ontological and epistemological conceptualization for KO Abstract
Alfred Gerstenkorn
Knowledge organization of fiction and narrative documents: a challenge in the age of the multimedia revolution Abstract
Francisco Javier García Marco, João Batista Ernesto de Moraes, Luis Fernando García Marco, Jose Augusto Chaves Guimarães

Epistemological foundations

Postmodern archival science and contemporary diplomatics: new approaches for archival KO Abstract
Natália Bolfarini Tognoli, José Augusto Chaves Guimarães

Pragmatical foundations

Pragmatic approach to virtual information action from Wittgenstein Abstract
Luciana Souza Gracioso
Semantic interoperability and retrieval paradigms Abstract
Felix Boteram, Winfried Gödert, Jessica Hubrich

Levels of reality as a KO paradigm (workshop)

[Workshop on Levels] Levels, types, facets: three structural principles for KO Abstract
Claudio Gnoli

Specific KOS structures

The ontological character of classes in the Dewey Decimal Classification Abstract
Rebecca Green, Michael Panzer
Bias in indexing languages: theorethical approaches about feminine issues Abstract
Suellen Oliveira Milani, José Augusto Chaves Guimarães
GoldThes: a faceted thesaurus for goldsmith's art in a regional context Abstract
Elena Cardillo, Antonietta Folino, Roberto Guarasci, Maria Taverniti