ISKO Italy Open conference systems, Paradigms and conceptual systems in KO

Development of thesaurus structure through a work-task oriented methodology

Azam Sanatjoo

Building: Main building
Room: Hall V
Date: 2010-02-24 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Last modified: 2009-12-31


The development and changes in the field of digital information retrieval systems and information retrieval area, as well as technical advances require and offer possibilities for developing the functionality of thesauri. Enriching their structure require the development of thesaurus construction methodologies that exceed the potential of the traditional construction methods and adjust the thesaurus to the needs of specialized information environments. The present work extends the work-task oriented methodology (WOM) and involves an analysis of the domain of knowledge: the body of domain known facts, experts and paradigms. This empirical study investigated a mix set of methods and developed a prototype thesaurus to evaluate the potential of WOM for constructing more enriched thesaurus. The thesaurus was evaluated by a retrieval test in which the usability and performance of the thesaurus were investigated with a classic-type thesaurus (Agrovoc) with the conventional thesaurus structure. The results of study indicate that WOM is useful and provide valuable inspiration to the user, whether thesaurus compiler or information searcher. The work task oriented methodology allows the development of a thesaurus design that reflects the characteristics of the work domain.