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Pragmatic approach to virtual information action from Wittgenstein

Luciana Souza Gracioso

Building: Main building
Room: Hall VI
Date: 2010-02-25 09:00 AM – 09:30 AM
Last modified: 2009-12-31


Information science is concerned with human actions to the extent that it deals with their constitutive elements of communication. Today, a large part of information actions is configured in the virtual technological plane. For us to think of the possibilities of signification of information in the rhizomatic and interactive spaces of communication, we propose to broaden the cognitive matrix of information science in favor of a pragmatic (Wittgensteinian) perspective of understanding of language, and then, of information. We further venture to rethink based on the pragmatic concept, the instruments of intermediation of information broadly developed in the area, therefore, considering the complex and dynamic nature of the language that is constituted in its use in acts of communication (virtual or not).