ISKO Italy Open conference systems, Paradigms and conceptual systems in KO

Pertinence perspective and OPAC enhancement

Maria Teresa Biagetti

Building: Main building
Room: Hall V
Date: 2010-02-24 03:30 PM – 04:00 PM
Last modified: 2010-01-11


The starting-point of the paper is the debate recently developed in LIS literature about OPAC enhancement and the necessity to design OPACs based on search engines features. Supposed improving tools as relevance ranking and relevance feedback devices are examinated. Possible OPAC development lines, based on theoretical examination of relevance and pertinence concepts, according to Sarácevic view, and following semantics perspectives, are presented. Finally, enhancement of OPACs starting from their inner characteristics is proposed, and a plan to improve semantic search functions while maintaining existing indexing methodologies, that is document conceptual analysis, is outlined.